Brick Inlay Pre-Cast Panels

Form Brick offers innovative solutions for commercial projects through the use of brick-faced pre-cast concrete panels. Blending the durability of concrete with the timeless charm of brick, our pre-cast panels allow for faster installation and an aesthetically pleasing outcome, catering to the needs of modern architecture.

We can provide the following solutions for commercial construction projects across Australia:

  • Brick sheets
  • Brick faced pre-cast concrete panels
  • Brick snaps pre-cast
  • Pre-cast brick façade
  • Pre-cast brick walls
  • Pre-cast concrete brick panels
  • Brick inlay in concrete
  • Concrete patio with brick inlay
  • Brick precast walling
  • And more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-cast concrete with thin brick is a construction technique where pre-cast brick panels are built off-site and covered with a thin layer of brick veneer. This method combines the durability of pre-cast concrete with the aesthetic appeal of traditional brick. The resulting brick-faced pre-cast concrete panels are easy to install and offer the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Pre-cast concrete is made by casting concrete in a controlled environment and allowing it to cure before transport and installation. Bricks are small blocks made from clay or other materials and typically used for building walls. Panels of pre-cast concrete bricks combine the benefits of both of these materials in one, with thin bricks set into the pre-cast concrete.

Brick inlay is a technique used in construction to create a decorative design or pattern by embedding bricks into a base surface, usually pre-cast concrete. This creates the look and feel of traditional brick while providing all the benefits of pre-cast concrete, such as superior quality and durability.

Using brick inlay in concrete allows you to enhance the appeal of surfaces using a range of colours, textures and patterns. Concrete with brick inlay is also durable, requires less construction time and provides effective thermal insulation and soundproofing.

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