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These are all terms for a tile that is cut from a brick or made to look like the face of a brick. These tiles are used to create brick facades on buildings, both interior and exterior.

Any Brick can have its face cut, making it into a Brick Tile. Likewise, any stone can be cut into brick sizes standard or non-standard. Form Brick has specialised equipment for this type of Brick cutting.

The experienced team at Form Brick can supply Brick Tiles in various colours and sizes. Form Brick also has relationships with Brick and tile importers to procure any products that can be made at home

Brick Inlay is a process where Brick Tiles are cast into concrete precast in an organised manner, giving a concrete building the exact appearance of a Brick building.

Brick inlay is more expensive than conventional Brick laying on single and double story buildings, however on larger buildings Brick inlay enables a continuous building process, with the Brick component all completed off site by the concrete pre-caster. On larger buildings (3 stories plus) Brick inlay is more cost effective than brick laying.

Form Brick has never experienced a Brick facing detaching from a Brick inlay building and takes all precautionary measures to prevent this from happening. It is possible however that poor workmanship and unsuitable products could cause this to happen.

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