Form Brick is Commitment to Sustainability by Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our mission is to create beautiful Architectural Brick Solutions with minimal impact on our planet.

We take pride in minimizing waste and maximizing the utility of every brick we handle.

Here’s what we are doing about it:

1. Recycling Water

Water is essential in the brick cutting process, but we recognise its scarcity and value. That’s why we’ve implemented extensive water recycling systems. By treating and reusing water, we minimize waste and reduce our reliance on fresh water sources.

2. Transforming Brick Waste into Infrastructure

Rather than discarding brick waste, we see it as an opportunity. Our partnership with the road-making industry allows us to repurpose these materials with a positive outcome. It’s a win-win: less waste in landfills and more sustainable roads and pathways.

3. Efficiency in Brick Cutting

Precision matters. We approach brick cutting with an eye for efficiency. By maximizing usable products from each source brick, we minimize material waste. Sometimes, we achieve up to three usable pieces from a single brick. It’s not just about cost-effectiveness; it’s about resourcefulness.

4. Salvaging Brick Off-Cuts

Being resourceful is at the core of what we do. We view every brickor part brick as a valuable asset. By salvaging bi-product, we contribute to a circular economy. It’s not just about using all the brick; it’s about using it wisely.  Many of our solutions utilise Salvaged bricks and we are proud of it.

Our Ongoing Commitment

As we continue to innovate with Brick solutions, we remain open to new ideas. Our team actively seeks ways to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce our environmental impact. We see ourselves as leaders in our industry and are committed to a greener future in our industry

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