Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles

Form Brick can supply a variety of brick tile options for architects and builders in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. Whether you need brick floor tile or brick wall tiles, we can supply quality brick face tiles for your commercial construction project. Also known as brick snaps, brick slips and brick facing tiles, these brick tiles provide a versatile and cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on appearance. Enquire with Form Brick today to find out how your project can benefit from the use of tiled bricks for facade tiles and other applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brick snaps is another term for brick slips or brick facing tiles, referring to a type of brick tile that’s thin and lightweight.

Brick slip cladding refers to the attachment of thin brick tile, known as brick slips, to the exterior or interior wall of a building. These slips mimic the appearance of traditional brickwork, offering a cost-effective and lightweight alternative that enhances aesthetics.

Brick facings refer to the visible outer layer of a wall that’s made up of bricks. Brick facing tiles make it easier to create aesthetically pleasing brick facades.

The experienced team at Form Brick can supply you with brick tiles in various colours and sizes, including red brick tiles and other options. Discuss your requirements with us to get started.

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