Ripponlea Village

Ripponlea Village was the first project of its kind for Euroa Clay Products, Walker Panels, and Form Brick.

  • MAP Architecture and Design
  • Element Five Builders
  • Walker Panels
  • Euroa Clay Products

Euroa Clay Products made brick facings and corner pieces closely resembling the colour variations of 100 year old brick work. In the early tendering process an image was presented of the Euroa Anglican Church to give an indication of the colours achieved from Euroa’s local clay.

Euroa customised their equipment to manufacture the brick facings and the range of corner pieces required for the brick columns. Charming now, although difficult in production, are the cracks and curves that make these brick facings so unique. The darker facings come from the hottest part of the kiln, closer to the burner, and the lighter colours from lower down and further away. When unpacking the kiln, the facings are thoroughly blended and waxed before being cast into concrete panels. Placing the shaped brick facings into the feature columns of this building was a new innovation, tested first then produced quickly and efficiently at Walker panels to give a result both stunning and fitting for the North Caulfield site.

Ripponlea Village
138 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Architect : MAP Architects
  • BUILDER : Element Five
  • Pre caster : Walker Panels
  • Brick Supplier : Euroa Clay Products
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