Inlay of brick tiles into precast concrete

The process of brick inlay is quite simple

  • Brick panels are made in multiples of brick and mortar dimensions (86mm x 240mm).
  • Shop drawers detail every aspect of production.
  • Placing brick tiles can take as little as 3 minutes per square metre.
  • Constructing panel shutters is as simple as it is for standard concrete panels.
brick cladding

There can be complications

  • Misalignment of bricks between panels due to a poorly designed process.
  • When architectural features are included but not planned.
  • Blown out labour times due to non-standard procedures introduced to the factory.
  • Rectification due to poorly laid and worn out form liner.
  • Brick tiles not arriving as promised by the sales person.
  • We ensure that these and other management complications never arise on Form Brick projects
When Form Brick is engaged to apply brick inlay to a brick facade project, all of the above points are thought through and a formula for production provided.

Architects are usually happy to design around production constraints and enjoy conversations about ease of manufacture due to cost savings that are made. Discussions are not always about constraints. Builders and architects are constantly inspired by the possibilities that present, as they learn of the Form Brick process of brick inlay.

However, we ensure that these and any other complications never arise on Form Brick projects

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