Pace of Abbotsford


In Johnston Street, Abbotsford, the original brick facade of Abbotsford’s historic shoe making factory sets the tone for this apartment building.

  • SJB Architects
  • Pace Construction Group
  • Walker Panels
  • Euroa Clay Products

Designed by SJB Architects, the 133 dwelling apartment building has kept the charm of its past with the use of red brick facings made by Euroa Clay Products here in Victoria.

Casting 2,000 square metres of these smooth red brick facing into the precast panels was made to look easy by the team at Walker Panels. While mixing the brick facings together in Form Bricks factory enabled a nice blend of light and dark throughout the building’s Stafford street facade, just how it would have occured in the buildings original brickwork.

Pace of Abbottsford
251 Johnston Street, Abbostford

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Architect : SJB Architecture
  • Builder : Pace Development Group
  • Pre caster : Walker Panels
  • Brick Supplier : Euroa Clay Products
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