Ona Coffee Brunswick

Ona Coffee – 22 Ovens St, Brunswick

  • Architect: Breathe Architecture
  • Neverstop Group
When Jeremy McLeod of Breathe Architecture spotted this by-product in the Form Brick Factory. He said, “That looks awesome. Can I have it?”.

Only two weeks later these faceless, ADBRI Ivory bricks were turned on their sides and laid with the frogs facing out to give this charming and extraordinary pattern. Sometimes we need to sit back and listen when the creative members of our community get in the zone. The rest of us don’t recognise art until its completed and presented to us.

ONA Coffee
22 Ovens Street Brunswick

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Architect : Breath Architecture
  • Bricklayer : Neverstop
  • Pre caster : NA
  • Brick Supplier : ADBRI Masonry (by product)
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