223 Napier Fitzroy


233 Napier St, Fitzroy.

  • Freadman White
  • Milieu Property
  • Atelier Projects
  • ADBRI Masonry
Winner of two 2020 AIA awards:
  • The Best Overend Award
  • The Best Interior Architecture Award

A stylish apartment building clad with a combination of bricks and brick facing by ADBRI Masonry. The brick facings and corner pieces cut by Form Brick enable all parts of the building to match up.

Half of the bricks in this project were roughly honed by Form Brick to give a subtle variation to ADBRI’s Ivory brick, revealing its colourful river stone aggregrate. Form Brick thanks Atelier Projects for having them on board for such a successful and fulfilling building project.

Napier Street
223 Napier Street, Fitzroy

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Developer : Milieu Property
  • Architect : Freadman White
  • Builder : Atelier Projects
  • Pre caster : NA
  • Brick Supplier : ADBRI Masonry
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