Melbourne Connect Carlton

Melbourne University’s Melbourne Connect building has two enormous entry door lintels, outwardly raked and with a stunning pattern of Australs Nubrik collection of pressed brick, manufactured here in Victoria.

  • Woods Bagot
  • Hayball
  • Lendlease
  • Byrne Construction Systems
  • Advanced Precast
  • Austral bricks

The panels were cast by Advanced Precast, managing the intricate connection plates among many tonnes of steel reinforcing.

In Form Brick’s factory, each brick is cut, waxed and fitted with a chem set steel bar. The chem set steel bars engineered to compensate for the precarious positioning of the bricks located on these door lintels. Pull out testing was conducted and documented throughout the whole process. Working in the Advanced Precast factory in Dandenong, Form Brick staff placed the prepared bricks as detailed on the shop drawings. The final result is spectacular.

Melbourne University
700 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Architect:
  • Builder: Lend Lease
  • Pre caster: Advances Precast
  • Brick Supplier: Austral Bricks
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