Living Carlton Apartments


Three stones with varying shade and texture make up a brick facade with unique character in this ‘Living Carlton’ building, built by Buildcorp Commercial.

  • Jackson Architecture
  • Buildcorp Commercial
  • AMA Precast
  • PPM Stone

The particular stone required by Jackson Architecture for the project was efficiently sourced by PPM stone well within the required time frames.

The random blend of stones was created by form brick at the time of waxing the facings. The men placing the stones at AMA precast were then instructed to treat the blended brick facing as one giving no additional thought to the different placement of bricks.

Living Carlton
23 Palmerston Street Carlton

  • Brick Inlay: From Brick
  • Architect : SJB Architecture
  • Builder : Pace Development Group
  • Pre Caster: Walker Panels
  • Brick Supplier : Euroa Clay Products
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