Lascelles Manor Toorak

This was a job for the brick layers. However the detail of the arches and columns is a tiresome process onsite.

  • Architectural Facilitators
  • L.U. Simon Builders
  • Micks Bricks and Paving
  • Austral Bricks

Cutting the face from bricks and gluing those facings to the precast panels to match the brick layers work has enabled a perfect match between the brickies work and the structural precast panels with brick facings attached to them.

Corners are cut from full brick to enable a three dimensional tile wrapping the building corners and external window reveals.

Lascelles Manor
Lascelles Ave, Toorak

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Builder : LU Simon
  • Pre Caster : NA
  • Brick Supplier : AUSTRAL
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