Jewell Station Apartments

An apartment building in Brunswick needs to comply with the architectural custom of its suburb.

  • MA Architects
  • Neocon
  • AMA Precast
  • Diver Demolitions

This challenge for Neocon was quickly dealt with by substituting imported tile with antique brick facings cut by Form Brick from the rubble of demolished buildings. Plus Architecture agreed to the idea immediately and thoroughly enjoyed the outcome.

AMA Precast won the unenviable task of casting panels with bashed and broken old brick facings cast into their surface. This was a first for Form Brick and for AMA Precast and was every bit as difficult as expected. The work rate at AMA Precast was most impressive as the employees endured the extra burden of misshaped and damaged bricks that make up this amazing and authentic facade.

Jewell Station Apartments
325 Barkly Street, Brunswick

  • Brick Inlay : From Brick
  • Architect : MA Architects
  • Builder : Neocon
  • Pre caster : AMA Precast
  • Brick Supplier : Diver Demolitions
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